About Us

At Poladrone, we utilise drone for more than just aerial photography or videography. Drone technology is the perfect answer for many businesses and industries to streamline their operations.

We provide drone solutions to businesses by using innovative and progressive technology to support their complicated operations in an efficient and simplified manner.

Our solutions such as aerial mapping, precision mapping, infrastructure inspection and many more are incorporated with functionality, usability and practicality. To ensure that you will receive the latest technology in the market, we acquire the latest equipment and tirelessly researching and developing improvements to our solutions.



Poladrone was founded by a team of aerospace and data engineers, each experts in their own fields. Poladrone can be considered one of the firsts who specialise in building custom UAV solutions.


In aiming to “accelerate the drone revolution”, Poladrone is passionate in using drones to solve problems, and curious in finding new methods and solutions.


Being knowledgeable, Poladrone is able to deliver drone technology and information in an engaging & relatable manner, especially for those new to this technology.


Even though founded only in 2016, the growth experienced and network built with the industry within this short time span testifies to the level of maturity that Poladrone can claim to be.