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Poladrone Expands Its Wings to Thailand

The National Innovation Agency (NIA) and Nest Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. showcased proofs-of-concept (PoCs) from entrepreneurs of the first global AgTech programme ever to be held in Thailand to Thai and international investors, government…

Get to Know About Change Detection Aerial Monitoring

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Change detection and monitoring has been a very useful tool and now with drone technology, more and more in industries and governmental operations. Aerial surveillance by using drone has been used extensively in the industrial line…

Drone Contributing to Faster and More Accurate Stockpile Measurement

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Drones is helping to accelerate stockpile and inventory survey process in different industries such as mining and construction. We have always mentioned the usage of drones in measuring stockpiles especially for mining produces,…

Drones in Banking?

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Is it possible to utilise drone in the banking and finance sector? If we can, what exactly can drones be used for? Find out more in this article. Over the years, we have often heard that drones are currently being used extensively…

Airamap: Uses, Benefits, and How to Get Started

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Explore the latest cutting edge remote sensing data processing software in the market, Airamap by Poladrone. Last Monday, we launched Airamap, our web-based precision mapping analytics software. W have been developing this software…

Multispectral Imaging: Uses and Application

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Explore more on the workings behind a multispectral and how it is being used especially in agriculture sector Last month, the brand new Phantom 4 Multispectral was launched by DJI. The latest addition to the Phantom series surely…

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