A Sneak Peek of Airamap

by Afiq Bahruddin

Curious what kind of features that AIRAMap has compared to other processing software in the market? Let’s see what really makes AIRAMap different!

All this while, we have been discussing the practicality of drones in other articles that have been published on this website. But we have never really delved on how exactly the data is processed and analysed after the aerial pictures have been taken.

Pix4D and DroneDeploy are probably the preferred software when it comes to processing drone data software and a few open-source applications such as QGIS and so on.

Pix4D and DroneDeploy have very high compatibility in processing data and simple user interface made them largely popular for drone data processing purposes.

Similarly, Poladrone has also developed a cutting edge web-based software that is optimised for drone data processing. Our own GIS software called AIRAMap is right now being used internally, ready and set to be launched.

As AIRAMap is developed in Malaysia, it is only natural that it is optimised for local usage and practicality.

Curious what kind of features that AIRAMap has compared to other processing software in the market? Let’s see what really makes AIRAMap different!

AI-Powered Processing Engine

AIRAMap comes with AI-powered processing engine which is a major gamechanger. The artificial intelligence is also developed specially by our tech team, which is programmed to prioritised data accuracy and not at the expense the overall results visual quality.

The AI, through countless data that was accumulated and processed, has enhanced its ability to accurately convert data into acute representation and information.

The major reason why AIRAMap is compatible to be used in this region is basically the ability of AIRAMap to detect and discern the condition of the trees in a region. This function is, of course, would be extremely useful for agriculture industry and forestry purposes.

Nevertheless, AIRAMap usage is of course not limited for agriculutre and forestry purposes only, but rather all-in-one software that is able to process drone data for various purposes.

Tree Counting and Plant Health Detection

AIRAMap boasts high-accuracy tree detection features with 99% accuracy. This tree counting feature is a valuable tool for plantation owners and company to forecast their yield and plan their budgeting and capital roll.

Next, with tree counting, AIRAMap is also able to provide insights about the individual plant health. This is done when the drone captured the images of the plants using specific sensors such as sensors from Sentera that will then generate NDVI maps.

This map will enable the owners to discern problematic areas such as swamped or unkempt area and the plantation owner/manager will be able to put preventive measures into action so the plants will stay healthy and thus yield more harvest.

3D and Elevation Models

Other features that AIRAMap holds is that map models, as well as 3D model from drone imagery, can be easily constructed with the functions inside.

Map models such as DTM, DSM, DEM and many more are used commonly in construction and mining industries. With a proper presentation of the terrain and geographical surface, construction firms and mine operators can easily navigate the area to asses the risks involved in their operation area.

Furthermore, 3D models, especially for buildings, is utilised for inspection. The 3D model is done by stitching high-resolution images of the building taken using drones and then the inspection will be done by examining the 3D models.

The damages or defects then will be able to be pinpointed as well as the severity of it. The maintenance steps then will be taken to address the issues.

Report Viewing and Visualisation

Other useful features of AIRAMap would be the customisable report viewing and visualisation. After the data from the drone is captured and processed, the users would view the results to take further actions.

In this case, AIRAMap provides flexibility which the users can choose how they want to view the results and the format of the report.

This flexibility offers customisation that can be fitted in many cases and provide efficiency for progress reporting and planning.

Bottom Line AIRAMap offers more than just these 3 features. To fully support the industrial use of drone imagery processing AIRAMap is equipped with many other functions that will allow smooth assimilation of drone usage into heavy workflow.

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