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Airamap: Uses, Benefits, and How to Get Started

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Explore the latest cutting edge remote sensing data processing software in the market, Airamap by Poladrone. Last Monday, we launched Airamap, our web-based precision mapping analytics software. W have been developing this software…

Multispectral Imaging: Uses and Application

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Explore more on the workings behind a multispectral and how it is being used especially in agriculture sector Last month, the brand new Phantom 4 Multispectral was launched by DJI. The latest addition to the Phantom series surely…

Introducing Phantom 4 Multispectral

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Comes with multispectral camera, the new generation of the Phantom Series, P4 Multispectral is optimised for agricultural applications. Last Tuesday, DJI launched a new drone in Phantom series. An improved version of its predecessor,…

A Sneak Peek of AIRAMap

Curious what kind of features that AIRAMap has compared to other processing software in the market? Let’s see what really makes AIRAMap different! All this while, we have been discussing the practicality of drones in other articles…

9 Cara Bagaimana Drone Melestarikan Pembangunan Sivil dan Ekonomi dalam Malaysia

Adakah anda tahu apakah sumbangan dron kepada pembangunan sivil dan ekonomi kepada Malaysia? Mari kita tengok apakah aplikasi dron yang terbaharu di Malaysia. Pada hari ini, kita menyambut hari ulang tahun penubuhan Malaysia yang…

Saving the Planet Using Drones

There are plenty of ways that drones are being used beyond purely commercial operations. Some of them are even doing some good to the planet. Here are five ways drones are saving the environment. 12 years to save the planet? Make…

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