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SAR: How Drones Are Saving Lives

Find out why drone is considered to be the perfect tool in search and rescue (SAR) missions.

What Exactly is RTK and PPK?

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We have been talking a lot about how drones are used across industries, serving as the key to various automated processes such as mapping, spraying and so on. Precision mapping particularly has seen massive drone integration into its processes.…

4 Cara Bagaimana Dron Merevolusikan Industri Pertanian

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Mari kita lihat bagaimana dron diaplikasi dalam industri pertanian. Dalam artikel yang lepas; Drone 101: Sejarah, Mekanik dan Aplikasi dalam Industri kita telah membincangkan tentang asal-usul dron, mekanisme dron dan aplikasi…

Drones in Sustainable Oil Palm Plantation

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The implementation of drones in the fields of sustainability and scientific research is already an application that will catalyst more and more changes in the future.

Up-Close with Poladrone's CEO: Jin Xi Cheong

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Let's follow this recent interview with Jin Xi Cheong, Poladrone's CEO to see what made Poladrone as it is now.

Revolutionising Construction Industry by Drones Introduction

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Discover how drones are aiding the construction works tremendously by optimising time and material management. Last week, we have discussed in-depth about the application of drones inside the agricultural field. But as I have stressed…

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