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Be up to speed with utilising drone technology

Just as cars replaced horses during the industrial revolution, drones will one day replace cars.

As a bunch of aerospace engineers and drone geeks who also provide industrial drone services, we at Poladrone have experience building a variety of drones, ranging from lightweight racing drones to ultra heavy lifting ones. Following heaps of requests from groups and individuals alike on building custom drones, these educational workshops were born with the aim of sharing this fascinating technology and inspiring more people to join the drone revolution!

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  • 11th & 12th February 2017 — Build & Fly a Customised Drone (Penang)

    → 11 February 2017
    Penang Science Cluster, Georgetown

    → 12 February 2017
    Tanah Lapang Lebuh Nipah, Bayan Lepas

    Registration Fees

    Option 1: RM1,000 — Includes RM850 worth of drone components!
    Option 2: RM300 — Includes components for the duration of the workshop.

    Tip: We encourage up to two participants to share one set of drone at the same price.

  • 25th & 26th February 2017 — Build & Fly a Customised Drone (Cyberjaya)

    → 25 February 2017
    MyMaker IoT Lab, Cyberjaya (TBC)

    → 26 February 2017
    Science Park Road, Cyberjaya (TBC)

    Registration Fees

    Option 1: RM1,000 — Includes RM850 worth of drone components!
    Option 2: RM300 — Includes components for the duration of the workshop.

    Tip: We encourage up to two participants to share one set of drone at the same price.

Workshop Structure

  • Day 01

    + Indoor

    Drone Building Workshop

    On this first day, we introduce to you the basics of drones through a practical workshop where you will be working with your own drone components kit. Upon concluding this session, you will have an overall understanding of the various drone components, and have built your very first drone—all set up and ready to fly!

    1. Introduction
    2. Applications of Drones
    3. Drone Components
    4. Assembly & Building — Part 1
    5. Lunch Break
    6. Assembly & Building — Part 2
    7. Setup and Test
    8. Debriefing

    * All participants are expected to bring their own laptop. Windows OS highly recommended.

  • Day 02

    + Outdoor

    Drone Flight Training

    During the second day, we will go through pre-flight safety and regulatory checks, followed by basic flight controls. We then guide you through fine tuning your drone to achieve a stable flight, followed by flying through a series of maneuvers. For more advanced pilots, we can share more advanced features such as fail safe, geo-fencing, telemetry link, and even fully autonomous missions.

    1. Safety & Regulations Briefing
    2. Pre-Flight Check
    3. Pre-Flight Setup
    4. Flight Tuning
    5. Practice Flight
    6. Debriefing

    * For ages 15 above only. Anyone below the age of 18 must obtain parental consent. We do not take any responsibility for damages and injury caused as a direct or indirect result of operating the drone.

    ** Flights will be dependent on weather conditions.

Workshop Materials

  • + What you work with

    Drone Components List

    1 x APM 2.8 with Built in Compass Flight
    1 x F450 Quadcopter Frame
    1 x F450 Landing Gear
    4 x Brushless Motors
    4 x Electronic Speed Controller
    6 x Self Tightening Propellers
    1 x APM Power Module
    1 x Piezo Buzzer
    1 x GPS Module
    1 x 6 Channel Transmitter
    1 x 6 Channel Receiver
    1 x Lithium-Polymer Battery (For Radio Control)
    1 x Lithium-Polymer Battery (For Drone)
    1 x Lithium-Polymer Digital Balance Charger
    1 x Hex Allen Key Set

    All Required Connectors, Wires, Screws, Cables, Solder Lead, Velcro etc.

  • + Total Cost

    Components Worth Over RM850

    The drone components listed will be provided during the workshop and will be tested beforehand.

    All participants who choose to purchase their own bring-home set of drone components will be provided brand new components at the beginning of the workshop.

    You are responsible for the equipment and are liable to pay for any missing or damaged components during the duration of the workshop.

    * We recommend beginners who have never flown a manual drone to previously purchase an additional mini drone from us at RM100 each to practice at home prior to the workshop. This includes participants who have only flown stable aerial platforms such as DJI/Parrot/Yuneec aerial photography drones.

Lead Trainer

  • + Poladrone Founder & Chief Engineer

    Jin Xi Cheong

    Jin Xi is the founder of Poladrone with previous experience in strategic finance, management and engineering consulting. He holds a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering from Monash University, Australia, and graduated with the MASCA-Shell Engineering Award for being the top engineering graduate of his year.

    He is a regular speaker, having conducted numerous technical workshops. He has spoken at events such as TEDx and Tech Royale, along with being featured on Focus Malaysia, Astro Awani, and U-Wartawan among many others.

    Jin Xi will ensure that each and every participant will be engaged and have an amazing time learning and building!

    * There will also be additional technical experts guiding the participants during the workshop.


  • General FAQ

    • Do I require any previous experience with drones to attend the workshops?

      Unless stated otherwise in our registration, NO previous experience is required and we will guide you all the way.

    • Are there any other costs apart from the registration fees?

      No. All costs will be stated clearly and included in the registration fees. There are cases where optional hardware can be purchased but this is not mandatory to the workshop.

    • Where do I make Payment?

      You may make payment via Bank Transfer to our account as follows. Where possible, we prefer not to deal with physical cash transactions.

      Bank Account: Maybank
      Account Number: 514114662467
      Account Name: Poladrone Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

    • Do you include transportation and lodging?

      No. All transportation and lodging costs are to be covered by the participants themselves. We will provide meals and drinks as necessary.

  • Drone Workshop FAQ

    • Why is the workshop so expensive (Purchasing Drone at RM1000)?

      The drone components costs us RM850 to purchase per set. The remaining RM150 is used for us to cover costs such as logistics, meals, venue, faulty components, etc. To make our workshop more affordable, we encourage one set of drone to be shared between two person! *Remember that a DIY Drone like what is included in this workshop typically costs over RM1,500 to build!

    • Why is the workshop so expensive (Rent Drone at RM300)?

      The drone components costs us RM850 to purchase per set. There are components in the set that can only be used once and will be discarded after the workshop. There is also considerable risk during the assembly, flight and dis-assembly of the components thus we need to cover our expenses.

    • Can I invite my friend to join?

      Yes! In fact, we encourage participants to join the workshop as a pair as there are some part of the building process that would be easier with an extra pair of hands! We do not charge anything extra for up to two participants to join for a single set of drone components.

    • How does the workshop run?

      The workshop will be split into two days. The first day will be a full day indoor workshop, where we will go through the basics of drones and guide you through how to build your first one. The second day will be out in the field, whereby we would teach you the basic controls and help you experience your very first drone flight!

    • Do I need prior experience for this workshop?

      No specific experience is required for this workshop. However, we strongly encourage participants who had not previously flown a manual drone (one that isn’t stabilised) to purchase a Mini Drone from us prior to the workshop at RM100 to practice at home. We will ship the drone to your house via pos laju

    • What if it rains during the flight training?

      Unfortunately, there is nothing much we can do but wait until the rain stops. In the event that the weather does not clear up for the whole day, we will: Penang: Guide you to our partners at Dragonfly UAV club whereby they fly drones every Sunday and have experts happy to help you on the following weekend. Cyberjaya: Since our office is just nearby, we will reschedule another time for flight the following weekend.

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